About My Practice

I am an Artist. I am a Designer. Delineating and differentiating these intersecting identities has informed both my studio art practice and my voice within design. Printmaking and graphic design have been codependent art forms since their inception, though today the practice of each are often described as separate disciplines.

As I fell deeper into the world of printmaking I became enamored with the processes of applying ink to paper. It's limitations, the lush textures, mixing ink and color by hand, the trial, error and exploration it affords me. This in turn has changed the way I understand the relationship between design, printmaking and contemporary art.

My goal is to incorporate the many processes of printmaking into my graphic design practice to add inherent value to my designs through the ineffable qualities of craft and process. Likewise developing further my understanding of design fundamentals, like balance, tension, color theory, typography and fine typesetting influences the imagery I'm able to express within the canon of contemporary printmaking, thus further blurring the line between these two disciplines and identities. 

This website is meant to showcase both my printmaking practice and my graphic design pieces and eventually the progression and amalgamation of the two.